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Momordica Charantia L.


Momordica Charantia L.


Pharmaceutical name: fructus Momordicae charantiae;herba Momordicae charantiae

Latin botanical name: Momordica charantia L.

Common Name: bitter gourd, bitter melon (English),karela (Hindi),korola, uchhe (Bengali),ampalaya (Tagalog) ,amargoso (Aklanon) ,paria, palia (in some parts of the Philipines),pare, pare pahit, paria, peria (Indonesian),peria katak (Malay),muop dang, khó qu? (Vietnamese),tsuru reishi (Japanese),melao de sao caetano (some part of South America),balsamina (Spanish),balsamini lunghi (Italian),springkomkommer (Dutch),assorossie, momordique, margose, melon amer, balsamine (French),wunder-balsamapfel (German)

Properties (characteristics): bitter, cold

Channels (meridians) entered: heart, lung, spleen, stomach.

Medical functions:
1. lowers blood lipids: qingzhisu (lowering lipid substances) It only acts in the small intestine where fat is absorb. It changes the screen of the intestine cells and blocks fat and the large molecules of polysaccharide thus enhances the absorption of small molecule nutrients. It does not involve with the metabolism of the body so it does not create toxic effect. See also Toxicity & Caution item.
2. lowers blood sugar: the saponin of bitter melon possesses the effect of insulin and can stimulate insulin, and its lowering blood sugar effect is obvious. See above item
3. antivirus
4. anti-cancer
5. anti-malaria.
6. seed my inhibit the enzyme guanylate cyclase, which may benefit people with psoriasis

Dosage: The fruit and leaves are being used as vegetable.
For malaria control: use young immature fruit for soup with rice.
For blood sugar control, make one bitter gourds into juice and drink before meals, 3 times per day.
According to some report, for weight control: eat 2 to 3 raw bitter gourds per day.

Toxicity & Caution:
Not to use in cases of pregnancies. The juice of the plant appears to have abortive effect.
The plant and fruit are high in potassium. It may not be suitable for shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient) type of body. Also see potassium.
It may enhance the effect of blood sugar lowering medicine.
Reports of concentrated extract of an active ingredient, "qingzhisu" has cause death from malnutrition.



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