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Coix Lacryma-jobi Linn.




Coix Lacryma-jobi Linn.


Pharmaceutical name: Semen coicis

Latin botanical name: Coix lacryma-jobi, Linn.

Common Name: Job's-tear.

Distribution: South east Asia, Taiwan and Mainland China.

Properties (characteristics): sweet, bland, slightly cool.

Channels (meridians) entered: spleen, stomach, lung.

Actions & Indications: For improving digestion, enhancing the lung function, riddingS of bacterial or fungal infection, arresting pain and itchiness. For treatment of spastic muscles, arthritis pain in joints and muscular rigidity. beri-beri and edema, vagina yeast infection, stones in the urinary tract, neualgia, difficulty in urination, lung abscess, gonorrhea, restless leg syndrome.
Use raw yi yi ren for infection. Use stir fried yi yi ren for improving digestion.

Medical function:
1. sedative, analgesic and antipyretic

2. effect of oil of yi yi ren on breathing: small amount can stimulate breathing but large amount can suppress it.

3. effect of oil of yi yi ren on ex vitro heart of frog: small amount can stimulate but large amount can suppress it.

4. effect of oil of yi yi ren on striated muscles of frog: small amount can stimulate but large amount can suppress it.

5. anti cancer:an active ingredient, Coixenolide is an effective therapy for Ehrlich ascites sarcoma.

6. Promotes contraction of uterus: this herb stimulate the uteri of guinea pigs. It increases the tension of the uteri, increases the sizes of the vibration wave, and promotes the contraction of the uteri. Epinephrine can inhibit its effect. Thus yi yi ren should not be used by pregnant women.

Samples of formulae:
For chronic arthritis: yi yi ren tang

For muscle and joint pain: ma xing yin gan tang

For chronic infection with puss: yi yi fu zi bai jiang san

For appendicitis: chang yong tang
For stones in the urinary tract: zhu ling tang add yi yi ren

For hydrocele of tunica vaginalis: bian xu 30 g, yi yi ren 30 g. Make into decoction. One dose per day. 7 days is one therapy period.

Dosage: 18 g to 38 g,in decoction.

Not for long term usage in cases of deficiency (weakness) and coldness.

In cases of pixu (spleen deficient) with loose stool, use stir fried yi yi ren.

Use caution during pregnancy.


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