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Q: What is CANTICER?
A: CANTICER is herbal based on knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine for various cancer patients. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cancer cells are not the key point of cancer, the key point is yin and yang imbalance in the body. CANTICER mainly focuses on balancing yin and yang of the body to limit cancer cells and to convert cancer cell back to normal one.

Q: Why cancer cell is not the key point of cancer in Traditional Chinese Medicine?
A: Firstly, the cancer cell itself is from normal cell, not from outside of the body, it is body part of its own.
Secondly, normal cell will be converted into cancer cell under certain condition of body disorders from yin and yang imbalance.
Thirdly, if we only focusing on killing cancer cells by present medication or operation only, the normal cells also will be affected or killed and finally people die from side effects of present poisonous medication.
The fourth, we should focus balancing yin and yang of the body to fix body function disorders by comprehensive natural treatment and keep the body converting cancer cells to be normal, this is the best way.

Q: Why cancer patients' body is in disorders?
A: All diseases of people are from bad eating habits, bad living habits, bad working habits and bad emotions.
If want to remove the disease: Correct product + Changing Your Bad Habits.

Q: How does CANTICER works?
A: CANTICER works by replenish the qi and blood, fortify the organs and resume the yinyang balance of the whole body to improve the body's ability to relieve complex symptoms and control cancer progression, and reduce complications that arise in conventional therapies and increase the body's tolerance towards radiotherapy and chemotherapy. These immune activities are particularly necessary for cancer patients' bodies to be able to tackle the cancer.

Q: What is CANTICER 's package, usage and dosage?
A: CANTICER is is vegetable capsules, 120 capsules per bottle ,3 capsules twice daily before meals.

Q: How can I tell the effect and how long can I tell the effect?
A: Generally, two months treatment dosage, 3 bottles, 360 capsules can make good improvement and two months treatment dosage is taken as one treatment period. You can tell by body changes comparing before and after taking CANTICER.

Q: How can I get timely support when taking CANTICER ?
A: During taking CANTICER, you can email us: or you can come online to get our online specialists help timely, our doctors will answer your questions in business days(Monday-Friday), you can also come to our facebook page:

Q: If I have uncomfortable feelings during taking CANTICER or CANTICER worked for me nothing after one treatment period, what should I do?
A: CANTICER is created under GESIN standard (TCM products standard of its own) and is applicated for most Cancer patients, but after all CANTICER is one formula and produced in bulk, it is impossible to work for everyone, if you find CANTICER not work for you or appear uncomfortable feelings during taking it, please ask advice for your doctor or load our hospital online:, there you can get comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan by our TCM doctors in TCM way.

Q: If I can take chemical treatment together with CANTICER?
A: Yes, you can, because CANTICER also can reduce chemical treatment side effects.

Q: If I need take CANTICER lifelong?
A: No, because CANTICER mainly focuses on balancing yin and yang of the body to limit cancer cells and to convert cancer cell back to normal one. Generally we set 12 months supply as max offer, and after 12 months, if you still have problems, we will give complete diagnosis and treatment plan to fix the left problems. Surely you can continue to use CANTICER after 12 months supply if you like because CANTICER is safe and also can prevent problems happen.

Q: If cancer is curable?
A: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can't find a word which talks cancer is incurable. Cancer is from bad working, living, and food intake habits as well as bad emotions. Correct Product only can treat the disease but can't change people's bad habits, so if people make up their mind to change their bad habits, at the same time to take correct product, you will gain health again.

Q: What are bad habits?
A: Stay up often, slugabed, irregular food intake, improper diet, take too much spicy and greasy food, take too cold or hot drinks, middle night snack often(eat foods before sleep), too frequent sex life, sedentary and not like excercise, overthinking often, lose temper often, depress often, work too hard often, too much entertainments.

Q: How can I compare which product is correct for me?
A: If you stop taking it after required treatment period, your problems become more serious, this product is not correct for you, it is hurting your body. If you stop taking it after required treatment period, your problems become much better than before, this product is correct for you, it will help you to gain health.

Q: What need I notice for food and drink intake during taking CANTICER?
A: Spicy, greasy food and cold foods should be reduced during taking CANTICER.

Q:Where shall I buy CANTICER?

A:If you want to sell CANTICER, please load HERE; if you want to get personal use, please visit ORDER NOW page to buy directly.

Q:If CANTICER has been sold in the world?

A:Please visit exclusive agents and distributors contacts page HERE.

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